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The fact that you took the time to stop in and checkout E'Lance Photography let's us know that your're looking for the right photographer that will meet your expectations. Now, whether if your looking for an Engagement shoot, Wedding shoot, or Portrait photographer I'm sure we can complete your satisfaction. SO CONGRATS!!! I know your're really excited.. 

So, how will your experience be with E'Lance Photography! What can you expect? Well, when you bring us aboard we will be a big part of the day you've been waiting for. Now as for Weddings, we take another part of social approach to photography. Your're thinking, what does that mean? Well, it means I'm never perceived as a "vendor" or a stiff outsider, we get in the mix, we mingle, we crack jokes, we get to know you and your guests while capturing moments. We embed ourselves in your wedding's energy. Remember! This is a day that your're never suppose to forget so, your not only want a photographer that you hire for the job, but someone who's all about making your day special and creating a never ending story.